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novel coronavirus

Rebound measures with smartphones after the declaration is lifted


​ Where people gather, including restaurants

Real-time measurement of carbon dioxide

Prompt ventilation

Get a safe and secure environment!

~ Easy and easy visualization to improve productivity and academic ability ~

3 new perspectives


1. Safe, secure, quick and cheap rebound measures after the declaration is lifted

2. Improving productivity in offices, conference rooms, telework, etc.


3. Improving student grades in classrooms, remote classes, etc.

​ Notice of low price rental plan

In addition to the purchase plan, we have started a rental plan that can be used at a low price of 13,200 yen (tax included) per month.

Service Quick Guide Video

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1. Safe, secure, quick and cheap rebound measures after the declaration is lifted

Is that place really safe?

Is it safe to use it?

Is it really safe to use only measures such as masks, disinfection, droplets, and keeping a distance?

In fact, the most important thing is to take measures against bacteria floating in the air. There are guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Carbon dioxide content Less than 1000/1,000,000 (= Less than 1000 ppm)

is stipulated.


In other words, as a measure against coronavirus, if the carbon dioxide content rate is kept within a certain range, it means that measures are being taken.

If you use our service, you can use places such as conference rooms, workplaces, and restaurants with peace of mind by measuring and quantifying the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.

If a certain concentration value is exceeded, ventilation is encouraged. The number can be lowered by operating the ventilation fan.

Also, by opening the door with the door sensor installed, the ventilation effect can be further enhanced.

As for the door sensor, you can check in real time whether the door is open or closed.

As a countermeasure against the three Cs, if you sit in front of you or sit next to you, an alert will be activated to automatically notify you of the danger.

You can grasp carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in real time at any time on your smartphone.

To managers and administrators

As a countermeasure against the Three Cs

In addition to measures against the coronavirus that are currently being implemented, measuring the carbon dioxide concentration in the air and publishing it in real time has the following merits.

Customers can enjoy meals, shopping, events, etc. safely and securely.

You can understand that it is a safe and secure place by publishing the measured carbon dioxide values of stores, halls, indoors, etc. at regular intervals on your smartphone. (under consideration)


To all users


I think that individual measures are taken. After that, it's a countermeasure for the place you're going to go. In particular, I think that most places take measures to sit at intervals and prevent splashes.


In fact, if the carbon dioxide concentration in the air is kept clean, the risk of infection will be dramatically reduced.


If the concentration of carbon dioxide in the place you are going to go is clean in advance, you can enjoy it in a safe environment with peace of mind.


You can check in advance whether countermeasures are being taken on your smartphone, and you can check the status. (under consideration)

​2.Improve productivity in offices, conference rooms, telework, etc.

Stories about declining productivity in Japanese work are still going on.


The key is the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. If you feel comfortable in the space, the carbon dioxide value is low, and when you feel that your concentration is declining, the carbon dioxide value is definitely rising.

A combination of carbon dioxide x temperature x humidity will give you a better understanding of the substance. .

You can always maintain and manage your work environment in the optimal state by connecting it with the state you feel with numbers instead of tidying up with "feelings".

Some closed work environments may not have ventilation fans. At that time, you can lower the concentration of carbon dioxide by opening two doors and windows for ventilation.


It is possible to keep the carbon dioxide concentration within a certain range by understanding the numbers that serve as the judgment criteria and automatically promoting ventilation. (under consideration)

When productivity in the workplace improves, we can expect effects such as higher quality of work, less overtime, and fewer mistakes.

It is also possible to measure the environment of your home workspace where you are working remotely.

3. Improving student grades in classrooms, remote classes, etc.

The environment is very important in the school, which is the learning environment. Two items of general interest are temperature and humidity.

However, the relationship between carbon dioxide and schoolwork is extremely important. Research results clearly show that an increase in carbon dioxide leads to a decrease in concentration and an increase in drowsiness, which greatly hinders learning efficiency.

"Research on energy consumption and educational environment management in school facilities. Investigation on the Reality of the Indoor Environment and the Awareness of the PTA”

Even on a global scale, the decline in the ability of Japanese students is seen as a problem, but I believe that the key is to manage the carbon dioxide concentration at an appropriate value.

We believe that proper management of carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity in each classroom will lead to improved and sustained concentration, lively discussion, and improved comprehension.

Furthermore, if it is a preparatory school, cram school, famous university, etc., it is necessary to pay more attention to the environment in the classroom and prepare the environment for students who are working hard on their studies.

Furthermore, I think that it will be an index as one of the conditions for students to choose a school. Conversely, it is expected that the number of schools without measuring equipment will decrease in the next few years.

You can check the real-time and history of your child's classroom environment on your smartphone. (under consideration)

It is also possible to install it in the room where your child studies at home for the purpose of improving academic ability.

screen image

Real-time dashboard (image)


・Visualize the current state

・Alert mail possible with status change

・Can be displayed on smartphones

・You can change the display contents with your login account.

Visualize meeting rooms and restrooms with motion sensors and open/close sensors

Visualize CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the conference room






BI-Style IoTb.jpg

User's voice

System configuration

スクリーンショット 2020-10-14 9.32.28.png

AWS (in preparation)

Body specifications

Installation location indoor

Power AC100V

Communication specifications EnOcean

Communication distance about 25m (when open) *Transmission distance may vary depending on the installation environment

Data reception Receive detection data from sensor

Data transmission Data transmission via LTE line

Dimensions203 mm x 69mm x 36mm

Mass about 205g

Operating temperature range 0°C to +40°C

Operating humidity range 0 to 80%

Other initiatives

Organizations that operate indoor spaces and individual homes can be turned into smart offices and smart homes.

For those who live alone, it is useful in case of emergency.

​Sufficient for elderly rooms and facilities.

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