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Value history and culture, and continue to take on new challenges

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Services that continue to improve and maintain data reliability

Data fabric, data warehouse, data integration, etc. . . Looking back from the past, various methodologies were proposed and disappeared.


Recently, the keyword “data management” has been advocated.



Language has changed with the times, but what is the most universal theme?


It is "data".



the data itself


・Always organized and tidy


・There is data that is considered correct within the company,


・You can use it whenever you want.


being in a state.



The essence is to "continue to improve and maintain the reliability of data".



However, the following issues arise during the investigation.



1. I have several sales amounts, but I don't know which data is correct.


2. The amount you see on the form is correct, but you don't know where to put it.


3. Numeric items contain alphabets.


4. The company name seems to be cut off in the middle.


5. I don't know how to calculate in the middle.



It takes a lot of time to solve the above problem.


In addition, there are many requests.



1. I want to increase the number of digits in Japanese and numbers.


2. I want to change the names of flag items A and B to names that are immediately recognizable.


3. I want to create a new data item that does not exist.



In particular, the last request to create new data that has not existed before will be a high hurdle.



A data scientist is generally said to be someone who analyzes data and finds new value, but we at BI-Style Co., Ltd. have broadened the definition of a data scientist even further.


1.Find out the correct data and correct the incorrect data,


2. Make no data,


3. Add value by connecting, processing, and analyzing data,


We will continue to provide support that can contribute to data management.



In other words, our value standard is to correct incorrect data and create non-correct data.



If you would like more information, please contact us at the inquiry email address below.

​Business introduction

IoT service business


We are developing a service that periodically measures carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity in the air and checks it with a smartphone.

Road paving and demolition business


​ Construction and dismantling of expressways and general roads.

Used car sales and purchase business


We buy and sell used cars. Search for a car based on your desired model, year, and budget.

Management advice business


We are close to the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises and act as a rental manager, clerk, and advisor. We are especially good at giving advice using the latest IT systems. We propose to create a strong organization by incorporating amoeba management.

​Inquiries and recruitment contact

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