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BI-Style Service Terms of Use

BI-Style Co., Ltd.

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 (Purpose of these Terms of Use) 
The BI-Style Service Terms of Use stipulates the conditions for using the BI-Style service provided by BI-Style Co., Ltd.  

Chapter 2 Formation of Service Use Contract

Article 2 (How to use the service)
1. The application for this service will be completed when the application documents are confirmed and approved by the method requested by the Company.

2. Applicants may be selected as a result of a thorough examination of the information entered, taking into account the service content at the time of application. As a possibility, we may ask for individual confirmation of the content of the description.

3. These Terms of Use correspond to standard terms and conditions stipulated in Article 548-2 of the Civil Code, and when users of this Service agree that these Terms of Use shall be the content of their usage contract, shall also be deemed to have agreed to the provisions of  

Article 3 (Establishment of Service Use Contract)
1. The contract for the use of this service shall be concluded when the applicant expresses his/her intention to accept the application.

2. It is specified below that there is a possibility that the application for use of the service may not be accepted at the discretion of the Company when the applicant's information is confirmed in detail.

(1) When it is made clear that the service will be used in a manner contrary to the purpose.

(2) past and current performance of obligations;

(3) past or present delays in payment;

(4) If false information has been reported in the past or present.  

(5) When a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship, or a person under assistance cannot verify the identity of the applicant at the time of application.  

(6) If you fall under the anti-social forces stipulated in Article 37, Paragraph 1.  

(7) If there is a possibility that problems or failures will occur to our company other than the above.

Chapter 3 Service Usage Details 

Article 4 (Used Service)
1. It is a service that measures various values such as carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity in the air in various places to support the creation of an optimal environment.

2. The content of the support is to encourage ventilation and to check whether it is actually ventilating using sensor data.

3. Store the data acquired by various sensors and perform data analysis such as checking with graphs.

4. If the value exceeds or falls below a certain value, a specific method will be used to alert the user.

Article 5 (Service content)
1. We will provide services to customers who use our menu.  

Article 6 (Confidentiality)
1. The handling of customer data is stipulated below.
(1) We will not disclose the contracted customer's sensor data to a third party.

(2) We may process contracted customer data, sensor data, etc., into a state in which individuals cannot be identified, and use it for the purpose of improving and improving our services.  

Article 7 (Connection to the Internet)
1. By using the SIM card contracted by our company, sensor data generated in various places is transmitted via the Internet, data is collected, processed, and displayed on various devices.

Article 8 (Storage of customer data, etc.)
1.We store and manage the data generated by contracted customers in the most suitable location. Data is not duplicated in advance in case of data loss or damage. In addition, if the data is lost or damaged for some reason, it will not be restored.

Article 9 (Inquiries)
1. We will respond to inquiries from customers regarding the use of the service in accordance with the method stipulated by the Company.

2. We will respond to inquiries at the time set by our company.

Article 10 (Details of Work by Customer)
1. After agreeing to a contract with the customer, we will deliver equipment, facilities, etc. based on the contents of the contract. We will work on the arrived equipment, facilities, etc., based on the manuals, manuals on the Internet, etc. At the same time, we will check the operation of all devices and the screens displayed.

2. Depending on the content of the contract, we will visit the location specified by the customer from within the company (including contracted third parties) to install the equipment and check the operation.

3. We are not responsible for any damage or failure of the equipment caused by customer's work.  

Article 11 (Intellectual Property Rights)
1. Copyrights, trademark rights and any other intellectual property rights related to the services to be used belong to the Company.  

Chapter 4 Customer Obligations 

Article 12 (Management of user ID and password)
1. User IDs and passwords required to use this service will be issued based on the terms of the contract.

2. Customers shall manage user IDs, passwords, etc., with the utmost care, and shall not disclose or leak information to third parties.

3. If you enter the system with a user ID and password managed by our company, you can use the service if it is correct after confirming that it matches.  

4. If the user ID, password, etc. managed by the customer cannot be managed in an optimal state and damage is caused to the company, the customer will be responsible for compensation.  

Article 13 (Personal Information)
1. You must not use the name of an individual or information that can identify an individual when using this service.
2. Personal information must not be included in customer data, etc. We will operate the service assuming that personal information is not included in the data of the location. If the customer puts personal information in a place where personal information should not be put, the company will not take any responsibility and the customer will not make a complaint to the company.  

Article 14 (Software Management)
1. When updating the software of the service being used, it will be carried out at any time according to the standards set by the Company. There may be cases where we will discuss separately about the time and timing.

2. If the software is used in an environment other than the environment specified by the Company, or if the software does not work properly due to damage, failure, failure, etc. when handed over to a third party, it will be the customer's fault and we will not be held responsible.

3. We may remotely connect to your hardware and manage the software.

Article 15 (Questionnaire, Sales Visit, Information Disclosure)
1. The Company may conduct a questionnaire to the customer by means or method separately determined by the Company.

2. When visiting a customer for the purpose of sales, we will contact the customer in advance.

3. We may conduct a questionnaire survey for the purpose of actual use of the service, improvement of the convenience of the service, further enhancement of functions, introduction examples, etc., and may disclose the information after anonymizing it.

Article 16 (Prohibited Acts) 
The following items are prohibited when using the service.

1. Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations

2. Acts that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as trademark rights and copyrights of the Company or a third party 

3. Acts that infringe or may infringe the privacy of third parties

4. Acts that impose an excessive load on the contracted service

5. Acts of registering false registration information

6. Acts of duplicating, posting, or selling part or all of the information provided in our services without our permission.

7. Acts that infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, privacy and other rights of a third party or our company

8. Acts that infringe or damage the property, reputation, or credibility of a third party or our company

9. Acts that interfere with the operation of our services

10. Impersonating a third party to use our services

11.Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate and acts that may become inappropriate

12. Acts that the Company determines may fall under any of the preceding items

Article 17 (Disputes between Customers and Third Parties)

1. Any problems (defamation, infringement of privacy, or any other disputes) that may arise with a third party in connection with the use of the service shall be dealt with and settled in good faith at the customer's own responsibility.

Article 18 (Fulfillment of Contract Contents)
1. The customer must not transfer to a third party or act to obtain profit without our company's consent.

2. If the customer provides this service to a third party, the company will not be held responsible for the service.

3. We will not be involved in any problems that occur between customers and third parties.  

Article 19 (Contact method)
1. When contacting customers by e-mail, postal mail, or other methods, please read the content and contact us if you have any questions.

2. If you do not hear from us after contacting us, we understand that you understand.

Article 20 (Notification of change)
1. If there is a change at the time of application for this service or after the passage of time, please promptly notify us of the change according to the method specified by our company.

Article 21 (Rules on Service Usage)
1. We may clarify the matters to be observed by the customer when using the service, and separately inform the rules regarding the use of the service. We will notify you by means such as posting on the website.

2. If we revise the contents of the regulations, we will notify you by posting on the website.

3. In addition to these terms of use, customers must comply with any rules separately established.

Chapter 5 Disclaimer 

Article 22 (Force Majeure) 
1. The customer uses the service due to reasons for which the company is not responsible, such as natural disasters, epidemics, sabotage by malicious third parties, and equipment failures of telecommunications carriers used by the company when providing this service. Even if it is not possible to do so, we will not be held responsible for any damages caused to the customer.  

2. The Company may suspend or terminate the Company's services without prior notice to the customer for any of the following reasons.

(1) When maintenance, inspection, or update of the system of our service is performed regularly or urgently

(2) When it is determined that it is necessary to suspend or stop the Company's services due to other operational or technical reasons.

Article 23 (Disclaimer)
1. In the event of damage due to the following reasons, we will not be responsible for replacement of equipment, restoration of data, etc., compensation for damage, etc.  

(1) When the media storing the data of this service managed by the customer breaks down.  

(2) When the data, etc. of this service is leaked to the outside.  

(3) When you or a third party cannot connect to the Internet.  

2. This article stipulates our responsibility for damages caused to customers in relation to this service, and in addition to compensation for damages stipulated in this article, we will not be responsible for data recovery, compensation for damages, etc. not.  

3. Our service is  , which measures the values of carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, etc. may occur.

4. We will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, or other factors that may affect the human body or health by using our service.

Article 24 (Defect handling) 
1. The Company shall repair, replace, or otherwise deal with defective equipment in accordance with a method stipulated separately. In the case of the customer's environment, installation, drop, failure, etc., we will go directly to the site, so we will charge an amount equivalent to the cost of dealing with the problem.  

2. In order to confirm the phenomenon of the problem, the customer may be required to check it himself. At that time, I will tell you the specific confirmation method.

3.If we need to remotely connect to the customer's hardware, we will consult with you in advance.

Chapter 6 Charges 

Article 25 (Payment of fees)
1. You shall pay us the usage fee separately determined according to the content of this service to be used.

2. If you are introduced to this service by a sales agent and purchase it, you will enter into a contract with us and pay the usage fee to us.

3. Taxes and public dues, bank transfer fees and other expenses incurred when using this service or paying usage fees shall be borne by the customer.

4. The provisions of this article may be updated due to changes in service plans and content.  

Article 26 (Service Fee)
1. Service usage fees will be determined separately and communicated by posting on the Company's website, etc.
2. Service charges are subject to change. We will inform you of the changed fee amount by posting it on our website.  

Article 27 (Method of Payment of Service Fee) 
1. The method and timing of payment of usage fees shall be specified separately for each service plan.

Article 28 (Refund of fees when service is unavailable)
1. If you cannot use the service due to our company's overall problem.

(1) If the unavailability continues for 72 hours or more from the time when the Company confirms and acknowledges the fact of unavailability, the amount will be calculated on a daily basis for the month in which it occurred and the number of days of unavailability will be deducted. I will bill you.  

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the unavailability of the functions of this service occurs due to any of the reasons listed in the following items, the refund specified in this article will not be made.  

(1) When enactment or revision of laws and regulations is implemented.

(2) In the event of war, riot, alliance strike, civil war, etc., or in the event of measures to prohibit trade.

(3) In the event of natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, fires, suspension or delay of transportation services, or failure or delay of telecommunications.

(4) When it is difficult to restore the Service due to external attacks, etc.

(5) When the Company is unable to receive the supply of parts, power, etc. necessary for the proper operation of the facilities necessary for the provision of this service.

(6) When the customer (including employees or agents) violates the obligations stipulated in these Terms of Use.

Chapter 7 Renewal, Termination, etc. of this Service Agreement 

Article 29 (Suspension of Service Provision)
1. If a contracted customer violates the provisions of this Terms of Use and is discovered, the provision of this service to the customer can be stopped immediately.

2. If the service provision is suspended for the reasons in the preceding paragraph, the customer will be obligated to pay the usage fee, etc., and the usage fee, etc. that has already been paid cannot be refunded.  

Article 30 (Abolition of Service)
1. All or part of the provided services may be discontinued for various reasons including business convenience. We will notify you by a method that we deem appropriate before abolition.

2. Even if damage is caused by the termination of the service, we will not be responsible for the restoration of deleted data, compensation for damages, or any other damages.  

Article 31 (Unavailability of Service)
1. Service may not be available due to maintenance of our equipment, maintenance of services contracted by us, telecommunication failure or delay, defects in software in our equipment, or other reasons.  

2. Stored data may be lost, damaged or altered due to computer viruses or security flaws.

Article 32 (Period of Use and Renewal) 
1. The period of the service to be used and the renewal of the service contract shall be separately determined for each type of service.  

Article 33 (Termination of Use Service)
1. You can cancel the service, but when exercising the right to cancel, we will notify you of the cancellation only to our company according to the method specified by our company. If you cancel in the middle, we will not refund the usage fee that has already been paid.  

2. If the contract is canceled before the minimum usage period is reached for a plan that sets a minimum usage period for the usage contract, a penalty will be charged to the customer. Details of penalties will be posted on our website.

Article 34 (Cancellation by the Company)
1. If it is determined that the following conditions apply to the customer, the service will be terminated immediately without notice.  

(1) If you violate the obligations stipulated in these Terms of Use.

(2) When a petition for bankruptcy proceedings or other bankruptcy proceedings is filed.

(3) When false facts are reported to the Company.  

(4) In addition to the cases set forth in the preceding items, when there is a risk of serious hindrance in the provision of services by the Company.  

2. The right to claim damages shall not be lost even if the cancellation specified in this article is carried out.

Article 35 (Deletion of data, etc.) 
1. If the service contract expires or is terminated due to cancellation, the customer's data, etc. will be deleted. Even if a problem occurs due to the deletion of data, etc., we will not be responsible for data recovery, compensation for damage, or anything else.  

Article 36 (Exclusion of Antisocial Forces)
1. I acknowledge that the customer who concludes the contract is not one of the antisocial forces listed below.

(1) There are no gangsters, members of gangsters (including associate members), or persons who ceased to be members of gangsters for less than five years.  

(2) We are not affiliated with organized crime groups.

(3) I am not a corporate racketeer, a social movement rogue, a political activity rogue, a special intelligence violent group, or a member of any of these groups.  

2. If the following facts are found, the service can be canceled immediately.  

(1) When violent demands are made.

(2) When an unreasonable request is made beyond legal responsibility.

(3) In the event of making threatening words or deeds or using violence in relation to the transaction.

(4) Disseminating rumors, using fraudulent means or force to damage credibility or interfere with business.

3. If the fact that the above conditions are met is recognized and the service is requested to be terminated, the service will be terminated on the date of notification.  

Chapter 8 (Others) 

Article 37 (Information Disclosure) 
1. We may disclose your information when requested by authorities, administrative agencies, judicial agencies, or others.  

Article 38 (Governing Law) 
1. The governing law of these Terms of Use shall be the laws of Japan.  

Article 39 (Jurisdiction) 
1. The Ota Branch of the Maebashi District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance for any lawsuits relating to these Terms of Use. Any statutory jurisdiction arising in any other court is hereby excluded by the agreement in this Section.  

Article 40 (Efforts to Settle Disputes) 
1. In the event of a dispute regarding the service to be used, we will make sincere efforts to resolve it based on the spirit of mutual cooperation.

Article 41 (Severability)
1. Even if all or part of each provision of this Terms of Use and these Terms of Use is deemed invalid based on laws and regulations, the provisions of parts other than the part that is deemed invalid shall remain valid. increase.
2.Even if a part of each provision of these Terms of Use and these Terms of Use is invalidated or canceled in relation to a certain customer, these Terms of Use and these Terms of Use shall not apply in relation to other customers. Valid.

Article 42 (Revision of these Terms of Use)
1. In the following cases, the Company may change these Terms of Use at its discretion.  

(1) When the modification of these Terms of Use is in line with the customer's interests.

(2) If the change to the Terms of Use does not contravene the purpose of the use contract, and is reasonable in light of the necessity of the change, the appropriateness of the content after the change, the content of the change, and other circumstances related to the change. .

2. When changing the Terms of Use pursuant to the preceding paragraph, a reasonable period of time will be provided prior to the effective date of the changed Terms of Use, and the fact that the Terms of Use will be changed, the content of the Terms of Use after the change, and the effect thereof. We will inform the customer of the date by a method that we deem appropriate.

3. If the Company notifies the customer of the content of the amended Terms of Use and the customer uses the service after the effective date of the amended Terms of Use, the customer agrees to the change of the Terms of Use. I assume.  

Article 43 (Language Terms)
1. This Terms of Use is written in Japanese. However, they may be written in languages other than Japanese. In all cases, the Terms of Use written in Japanese shall prevail over the Terms of Use written in any other language.  

This Terms of Use will be effective from November 2020,  1.  

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