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Three dense check with smartphone (monthly rental)

Three dense check with smartphone (monthly rental)

SKU: 1000000000001

Features of "Three Cs confirmation with smartphone"

It measures CO2, temperature and humidity in the air and promotes ventilation. If there is insufficient ventilation in a closed room, the CO2 value will increase, so if the concentration exceeds a certain level, ventilation will be urged on the smartphone screen and by e-mail.


  You can measure multiple locations at the same time and manage them with a single smartphone. You can manage all places such as offices, multiple meeting rooms in companies, staff rooms and classrooms in educational sites with just one smartphone.


This product will be rented monthly, and if you sign a contract, you can use it continuously for one year. It will be automatically renewed every year.

Price Options
¥9,800every month until canceled
  • Product information

    Description of item

    As remote work and remote learning are increasing due to the prolonged effects of the new coronavirus, problems such as lack of concentration at home, lack of concentration, lack of motivation to study, etc.


    In addition, many customers refrain from using restaurants and other facilities due to the risk of infection. As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, we are safe and comfortable as a business operator in places such as homes, offices, factories, school classrooms, restaurants, fitness clubs, dentists, cosmetic surgery, hospitals, and nursing homes. We provide a service that can provide a place


    As a function, you can maintain and manage a comfortable space by measuring CO2, temperature, and humidity.


    You can check the status at a glance by displaying CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity numerically on the web screen of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


    Anyone can easily use it immediately as long as there is an outlet for the main unit and the CO2 sensor. There is no need for network construction, troublesome settings, or wiring work.


    It can be installed anywhere indoors as long as it can be used to make calls on indoor mobile phones. The sensor and the main body communicate wirelessly, so you can freely change the layout.


    The size is also compact, so it does not take up much space. You can use it from the day you receive it. The price includes the communication management fee.



    Body: Length approx. 20 cm x Width approx. 7 cm x Height approx. 4 cm
    CO2 sensor: Transmitter (length approx. 11 cm x width approx. 4 cm x height approx. 2 cm) Sensor (length approx. 8 cm x width approx. 5 cm x height approx. 3 cm)


    Raw materials/Materials

    Body: Aluminum
    CO2 sensor: plastic


    Precautions for use

    Body: Please use indoors.
    CO2 sensor: use indoors

  • Return/Refund Policy

    In the unlikely event that there is damage during delivery or a defective product, we will re-arrange the product as soon as possible at our expense, so please contact us by email or phone.

  • About product delivery

    ・If the item is in stock, it will be shipped within 3 days after payment is confirmed.

    ・If the parts are not in stock, they will be shipped within 7 days after the parts arrive.

    *Since the product is shipped directly from the manufacturer, it may take some time to deliver the product due to inventory status, traffic, weather, etc. note that.

  • About contract cancellation

    Since the contract is for one year, please contact us to cancel before the next contract renewal date.

  • monthly rental plan

    If you sign a contract, it will be a plan that you will pay monthly for one year. The total rental cost for one year is 158,400 yen.

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